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Heidi Carey Results
Heidi Carey Improves Site Speed by 25% on Mobile and Desktop
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Printfresh Results
Printfresh Reaches Incredible Speeds Without Compromising Beautiful Design
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Multitasky Results
Multitasky Boosts Conversions by 7.7% and Revenue Per Session by 9.3%
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Ketofood Results
Ketofood Cuts Load Time in Half and Greatly Improves User Experience
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Old Skool Hooligans Results
Old Skool Hooligans Passes Core Web Vitals Assessment on Mobile and Desktop
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8Ball Results
8Ball Speeds Up 21% on Mobile Across 1,000+ URLs
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Optimized Performance =
Happier Customers
A site that isn't slow means happier customers, more revenue, and better search rankings.
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