Old Skool Hooligans Results
Old Skool Hooligans Passes Core Web Vitals Assessment on Mobile and Desktop
Render Better
  • Core Web Vitals assessment passed on both mobile and desktop
  • Zero mobile errors and 100% good URLs on desktop in Search Console

The Challenge

Since Render Better performed well when optimizing 8Ball, the owner reached out to us about a new site they had recently acquired, Old Skool Hooligans. Similar to 8Ball, the main objective was to optimize user experience and ramp up sales from every angle possible. The owner plans to build a portfolio of Shopify stores, so they want all of them to be fast and have a solid foundation for all other marketing efforts. URLs for both mobile and desktop were mostly in the "need improvement" range before we started, but we knew we could moth the needle further.

The Results

We kicked off the new year by deploying Render Better on January 11, 2022 and began seeing results quickly as real user data rolled in. By the end of January, all Desktop URLs flipped from yellow to green. Additionally, both mobile and desktop site-wide data have now passed Google's new Core Web Vitals Assessment in the PageSpeed Insights tool. This means real users, on average, experience a fast and smooth site, are less likely to bounce, and more likely to make purchases. We're starting the year strong with Old Skool Hooligans and expect the store to do very well now that there's a solid web performance foundation in place with plans to scale.

Google PageSpeed Insights for Old Skool Hooligans - Mobile Core Web Vitals Passed
Google PageSpeed Insights - Mobile Core Web Vitals Passed (Jan 30, 2022)

Google PageSpeed Insights for Old Skool Hooligans - Desktop Core Web Vitals Passed
Google PageSpeed Insights - Desktop Core Web Vitals Passed (Jan 30, 2022)

Old Skool Hooligans Core Web Vitals after Render Better
After Render Better - 100% Good URLs on Desktop in Search Console

About Old Skool Hooligans

Old Skool Hooligans - Kramer T-Shirt Design

Old Skool Hooligans has been selling T shirts since 2007, providing a large variety of pop culture designs. They're based out of the UK, but ship all around the world if you want a fun shirt for yourself or a unique gift for a friend.

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