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Optimize your web performance and increase sales without editing code, changing designs, or going headless.
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RenderBetter Effortless
Point your domain at Render Better, or let us do it for you.
RenderBetter Fast
Render Better serves your accelerated site for every visitor.
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Your site is always optimized, despite changes over time.
Trusted site speed optimization partner for Shopify and Shopify Plus stores
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Why Render Better?
Faster Site Speed and More Conversions
Visitors are at least 24% less likely to abandon a loading webpage that has good Core Web Vitals. Render Better optimizes your site's CWVs to provide a faster experience that converts more customers.
RenderBetter Improve Customer Experience
Optimized for The Best Customer Experience
Render Better automatically applies the most effective optimizations, based on our many years of experience developing for Shopify sites. Give your customers the fastest experience your site can achieve.
RenderBetter The Most Impactful Optimizations
RenderBetter Increase Your Visibility
Increased Search Ranking and Traffic
Google favors websites with better web performance. Render Better improves your Core Web Vitals, so you're more likely to rank above competing stores in search results and be found by new customers.
Instant Results. No Developer Required.
No code changes, no new theme, just point your domain to Render Better. Your site will load faster and perform better for every visitor. If you’re not satisfied, simply point your domain back with a few clicks.
RenderBetter Instant Results
RenderBetter Expert Monitoring and Support
Continuous Monitoring and Expert Support
Daily monitoring ensures your site stays fast. If your performance ever changes, we'll be the first to let you know. If you need help, our team of web performance experts is easily accessible and very responsive.
How it Works
By default, browsers load your site’s resources inefficiently. Render Better automatically optimizes them for the best possible experience.
How it works funnel diagram
Either you or our team make a few simple DNS changes so Render Better can sit in between Shopify and your visitor’s browser.
Render Better crawls your website and learns the optimal way to load every page, based on our proprietary technology and AI.
For each new visitor, Render Better fetches your website from Shopify and optimizes it on the fly, ensuring a faster shopping experience.
Render Better monitors your site to keep up with any changes you make, so you can modify code and design without worry.
Our Automatic Optimizations
RenderBetter Our Automatic Optimizations
CSS & JS Render Unblocking
Image Stabilization
Adaptive Image & Font Loading
CSS & JS Render Unblocking
Generated Resource Hints
And Much More
Case Studies
PROBLEM: Long load times caused by various performance issues.
RESULT: Improved site speed from 2.9s to 1.8s on a mobile 4G connection.
RenderBetter BaffinRenderBetter Baffin
RenderBetter Slofood GroupRenderBetter Slofood Group
PROBLEM: 87% of Google Search Console URLs were either "poor" or "needs improvement" for CWV.
RESULT: 100% of URLs are now "good" on mobile and only 24% are "needs improvement" on desktop.
PROBLEM: Low Shopify Speed Score and looking to improve their conversion rate.
RESULT: Shopify Speed Score increased 38% and Weekly Conversion Rate increase 18%.
RenderBetter Balmonds
Case Studies
Slofoodgroup Logo
Slofoodgroup had 213 Core Web Vital errors, with no luck using other developers, consultants, or apps. With Render Better, 100% of their URLs are now within green thresholds, resulting in a 16% improvement to search rankings.
Balmonds Logo
Balmonds scores across performance tools were universally poor, with concerns about customer experience. Once Render Better was installed, Balmonds saw a 38% increase in site speed and a weekly conversion rate improvement of 18%.
Era Organics Logo
Era Organics tried several solutions, but nothing seemed to solve their site speed issues. With Render Better, all Core Web Vital errors were eliminated, search rankings improved by 22%, and traffic increased by 15%.
Our Team
We're experts in site speed and ecommerce
Our team has decades of experience in web technologies and website UX, developing for companies small to Fortune 100. We’ll help you optimize your site for speed, conversions, and happier customers.
James Koshigoe
James Koshigoe
Founder & Lead Engineer
Matt Frey
Luke Pammant
Chief Technology Officer
Alex Kiziah
Alex Kiziah
VP of Marketing
Sam Hsieh
Sam Hsieh
VP of Sales
Orion Holmes
Orion Holmes
Web Performance Engineer
Matt Frey
Ernest Lim
Content Creator & QA
Asha Sreekumar
Asha Sreekumar
Project Manager & Designer
Gersen Medina
Gersen Medina
Senior Front-End Developer
Matt Frey
Danica Pok
Technical Project Manager
Peter Mercado
Peter Mercado
Back-End Engineer
Matt Frey
Juan Solano
Full-Stack Engineer
Matt Frey
Matt Frey
Full-Stack Engineer
Optimized Performance =
Happier Customers
Improving your site speed and conversions is simple.
Unlock your site’s potential with Render Better.
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