Retold Recycling Results
Retold Recycling Sees All Green Core Web Vitals and Better Ad Performance
Render Better
  • Core Web Vitals assessment passed on both mobile and desktop
  • 100% green URLs in Search Console
  • Better adwords performance after installation
"As soon as we installed the Render Better technology - which by the way, was super easy and seamless, so thank you to the team - we could immediately see that all of our Core Web Vitals were improving and a direct impact in our adwords performance."

Amelia Trumble, Co-Founder @ Retold Recycling

The Challenge

We knew Amelia Trumble, Co-Founder of Retold Recycling, through other Shopify development projects, so she was one of the first to jump on board once Render Better was ready. Until then, we worked only as a development agency for Shopify and Shopify Plus stores, from small to 8-figures, with a specialty in web performance. After fixing performance issues over and over again, we found a way to automate many of our optimizations, so Amelia was excited for us to apply them to Retold Recycling as well.

The Results

Amelia's main goal was achieving all green Core Web Vitals, since Google's major update, focused around these metrics, was rolling out soon (Summer of 2021). After launching on June 9, 2021, we saw her Core Web Vitals improve and reach the "good" threshold. Additionally, since she was running Google Ads campaigns at the time to scale up her traffic, Amelia noticed they were performing better, which she attributed to the better site-wide speed since there were no other changes. We're happy to report that Render Better keeps Retold Recycling's web performance optimized month after month, ensuring a fantastic user experience for a brand with a very important mission.

Retold Recycling Maintains All Green Core Web Vitals on Mobile (Jan 31, 2022)
Retold Recycling Maintains All Green Core Web Vitals on Mobile (Jan 31, 2022)

Retold Recycling Maintains All Green Core Web Vitals on Desktop (Jan 31, 2022)
Retold Recycling Maintains All Green Core Web Vitals on Desktop (Jan 31, 2022)

About Retold Recycling

How Retold Recycling Diverts Your Textiles From Landfill

Retold Recycling was born out of Amelia Trumble's frustration with not having an easy way to get unwanted clothes out of homes and do good for the environment at the same time. The mission is simple - Retold makes it easier to get rid of your textiles, be more mindful of your environmental footprint, and make a small step towards sustainable habits. The magic happens thanks to their partners who sort through your goods and properly distribute them to stores, donation centers, recyclers, resellers, and up-cyclers to guarantee nothing you bag will go to landfill!

Render Better automatically reduces site speed, allowing shoppers to browse and checkout faster, resulting in a better user experience and more sales.

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