Improving Your Site Speed Will Easily Boost Your BFCM Results
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October 21, 2021

So you’ve maxed out every angle optimizing your site. You’ve planned a full two weeks of Black Friday/Cyber Monday Madness with your strongest offers and discounts, new top-notch content and creative, UGC (User-Generated Content), product recommendations, reviews, and the works. You’re ready to roll for your biggest BFCM yet. But you forgot one thing…

Your slow site speeds will tank your BFCM efforts! Fortunately, you can check out your site speed score here

Room for improvement? Great! 

That means you’re poised for a quick win. Why? Because improving your website performance will get you more revenue from the traffic you already have. The average bounce rate can range from 20%-70% (largely depending on traffic source). Reducing it means fewer customers will leave right away due to slow loading times and more will stick around to make a purchase.

Here are some reasons why optimizing your site speed is the easiest way to quickly improve your BFCM performance:

  1. You get more out of every visitor (on average)
  2. It boosts your organic search rankings and SEO
  3. You’ll boost your return on ad spend (ROAS), allowing you to scale more rapidly
  4. Better experience means better retention and LTV

1. You get more out of every visitor (on average)

You work hard to get people to your site. Whether you’re investing in ads, public relations, organic SEO, or retention, it takes critical time, energy, and money to get traffic to your site. This is especially true during Black Friday/Cyber Monday season, when there’s double the amount of content and offers you want your consumers to see. Improving your site speed means more people will stick around to experience the site you’ve worked so hard to build and optimize - including all the special offers you’ve spent the last 6 months prepping for!

2. It boosts your organic search rankings and SEO

Google takes into account a wide variety of factors when determining the order in which to display search results. And the amount of clicks each search result gets drops off exponentially the further down the rankings your site is. These factors include things like site content, keyword tagging, engagement on site, and traffic volume. However, Google has been increasingly weighting site speed performance. One major reason is the dramatic shift in the proportion of visits from mobile devices in recent years. 

Google wants to ensure they deliver search results to users that provide quality experiences so that users continue to use Google. If your site loads slowly, especially for mobile devices, Google will penalize your site and rank it lower. Because organic searches don’t cost you money, improving your organic search ranking is one of the easiest ways to increase traffic to your site. And with the top few spots taking almost all of the spoils, it's worth your while to pull out all the stops to rank high. 

3. You’ll boost your return on ad spend (ROAS), allowing you to scale more rapidly

If you’ve been running digital ads, you’ve probably run into some headwinds in 2021 as Apple rolled out iOS14 privacy changes that dramatically impacted how effective other platforms like Facebook can leverage data to advertise. This led to a decreased return on ad spend, often hurting brands’ bottom lines. 

A great way to claw back some of those returns is to get more out of the traffic you pay for by reducing bounce rate and increasing engagement. Often a boost in ROAS can allow you to scale your budget and drive growth more rapidly than otherwise possible. As CPM (Cost per Mille) runs high during BFCM season, it’s incredibly important to get the most out of your advertising dollars. 

4. Better experience means better retention and LTV

If someone visits your site and it fails to load or works begrudgingly slow, it has a disastrous effect on your brand. Each time, you’ve turned a prospective customer into a crushed opportunity. And in the age of instant gratification and technology, expectations are always increasing. The quickest way to make your brand appear obsolete is to have a site that loads slow - especially in many key demographics. 

In particular, younger and hip customers with high lifetime value potential are especially tech-savvy and sophisticated, with expectations to match. Make every connection count and you will get more new purchases, have higher retention, increase average order value and maximize the lifetime value of every person who lands on your site. In this increasingly and unrelentingly competitive eCommerce ecosystem, having every single element in order for BFCM is absolutely critical to your business’s success. 

At Render Better, we optimize your site speed and Core Web Vitals for a faster loading site customers will love. Our automated solution requires no developers and can immediately improve your Core Web Vitals upon installation. This quick and easy solution can help improve all of the KPIs that we mentioned above, ultimately leading to more revenue for your Shopify store.

Book a free 30-minute video call with one of our Shopify performance experts where we'll discuss your web performance and possible optimization solutions (including Render Better).

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