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Core Web Vitals: What They Are & Why They Matter
Core Web Vitals: What They Are & Why They Matter
Alex Kiziah
March 7, 2022

Core Web Vitals are 3 web performance metrics established by Google to help quantify a user’s experience with your site. Check out the video below for a quick summary to help you understand these terms and how they apply to your site.

(1) LCP, Largest Contentful Paint, measures how long it takes for the most important piece of content to load on your page. This is usually a banner image, featured product image, or big block of text. You want to be under 2.5 seconds for this metric, or your visitors are likely to bounce.

(2) FID, First Input Delay, measures how long it takes for the page to respond when a user interacts with it. If they click on another product image, option selector, or add to cart, you want it to be snappy and smooth, which means being under 100 milliseconds.

Update: On the 10th of May 2023, Google announced that INP (Interaction to Next Paint) will replace FID as the new measure of responsiveness, addressing some of the shortcomings of FID. For INP, this metric should be under 200ms for an ideal user experience and to stay in the "good" range for this metric according to Google. You can learn more about FID here.

(3) CLS, Cumulative Layout Shift, measures the visual stability of content as it loads in, relative to the size of your visitors screen. If your content moves around a lot, they might get frustrated or click on the wrong thing, so you want to have less than 10% of the content shifting around as it loads.

Reaching the good thresholds for these metrics will boost your ranking and increase your conversions. This is easier said than done, but we're experts in this field and happy to help you with your web performance if you reach out to us below.

At Render Better, we optimize your site speed and Core Web Vitals for a faster loading site customers will love. Our automated solution requires no developers and can immediately improve your Core Web Vitals upon installation. This quick and easy solution can help improve all of the KPIs that we mentioned above, ultimately leading to more revenue for your Shopify store.

Book a free 30-minute video call with one of our Shopify performance experts where we'll discuss your web performance and possible optimization solutions (including Render Better).

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