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6 Ways Site Speed Optimization Can Boost Your Shopify Revenue
6 Ways Site Speed Optimization Can Boost Your Shopify Revenue
Alex Kiziah
September 21, 2021

SEO/Site Visibility  

Your Shopify site has Core Web Vitals that measure how quickly content loads, how quickly the page responds to user input, and how stable the content is when it loads. Search engines like Google will reduce your SEO rankings and site visibility if your Core Web Vitals are worse than your competitors. Site speed optimization improves all three of these metrics and helps your Shopify store rank higher and become more visible for organic search.

Bounce Rates

High bounce rates are a good indicator that your site speed needs improvement. Most people clicking on ads or search results won’t wait around for a clunky page to load properly. Site speed optimization can reduce your bounce rates and improve the effectiveness of your paid and organic marketing efforts.

Customer Experience

Ecommerce customers are used to getting things as quickly as possible. A slow website often leads to a significant drop-off of site visitors before they convert. Site speed optimization can ensure these potential customers have a fluid and frictionless experience when navigating your Shopify store.

Conversion Rates

Poor Core Web Vitals leads to higher bounce rates and less time spent on your site. If your customers are forced to wait for your content to load, they’ll likely decide to shop somewhere else. That means fewer on-site conversions and a net negative effect on your bottom line. Site speed optimization can improve the average time users spend on your site, which will result in more opportunities to convert them while they shop.

ROAS (Return on Ad Spend)

Your advertising budget is being wasted if a sizable chunk of your post-click traffic is bouncing. Those site visitors might have converted if your Shopify site loaded faster. That also means that your chosen advertising platform’s algorithm will have fewer data points to optimize for delivery, leading to a lower Return on Ad Spend (ROAS).

Average Order Value

Imagine trying to browse an apparel website to add items you want to buy to your cart. Now imagine that website is painfully slow to load on each page while you’re browsing what to buy. You probably won’t buy a whole lot. When a website loads fast and the customer experience is a delight, customers stick around longer and buy more.

At Render Better, we optimize your site speed and Core Web Vitals for a faster loading site customers will love. Our automated solution requires no developers and can immediately improve your Core Web Vitals upon installation. This quick and easy solution can help improve all of the KPIs that we mentioned above, ultimately leading to more revenue for your Shopify store.

Book a free 30-minute video call with one of our Shopify performance experts where we'll discuss your web performance and possible optimization solutions (including Render Better).

Optimized Performance =
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A site that isn't slow means happier customers, more revenue, and better search rankings.
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