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Learn How a Home & Garden Company Increased Revenue by Up to $36k a Month!
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  • Conversions improved by 14.3% in 2 weeks
  • Revenue improved by 17.7% in 2 weeks
  • Site Speed improved by 61%

The Challenge

Hoping to scale their brand, optimize their website and grow sales, one of our customers, a Home & Garden brand, tasked Render Better with improving their core web vitals in order to improve their SEO rankings. Improving core web vitals can include tasks such as  improving site speed, decreasing load times for images, which coincidentally can also improve conversion rate on the site, in addition to SEO.

The Results

By simply pointing their web domain at Render Better, our customer was able to start optimizing their website in one day. The result? Double digit improvements in both conversions and revenue! We ran a 2-week A/B Test on their site, the Control, or “A” version is without Render Better, and Variation 1, the “B” version is with Render Better.

Screenshot of our A/B Test

After our 2 week A/B test, we saw a 14.3% increase in conversions with Variation 1, meaning more customers made purchases on the site when Render Better was installed.

We also saw a 17.7% increase in revenue when using Render Better, further proof that improvements in site speed correlate to more conversions (learn more about that here).

We saw a 61% decrease in site speed (LCP), a significant decrease in image load time - leading to a faster site and a better customer experience. In the screenshots below, you can see the original site speed (4.1 seconds) and the improved site speed (1.6 seconds) after our customer installed Render Better on their site.

LCP Mobile Metric Before A/B Test (via PageSpeed Insights)

LCP Mobile Metric After A/B Test (via Page Speed Insights)

*We use mobile LCP metrics since the majority of web traffic is on mobile.

When we analyzed the final results of our A/B test, we were able to conclude that our customer had the potential to earn an additional $36k in revenue each month! The 14.3% increase in conversions led to the additional 17.7% increase in revenue, which was multiplied against monthly site traffic.

About Render Better

Render Better automatically reduces site speed, allowing shoppers to browse and checkout faster, resulting in a better user experience and increased sales.

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